viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

books are good

I have no idea what the first book that i read is, i only have so far images. I remember only the picture that one caterpillar, i guess that a caterpillar be the protagonist in the history, but i dont remember anything of the story. probably i was only few years old at this time. The first book that i captured the story is “camilon comilon”, is the story of a little pig that runs around the world visiting friends that each one give to him something to eat, in the end of story camilon has a lot of foods. This book has many pictures too.
Now, my favorite genre of books –and films- is science fiction, those which are about the space, like a “2001, space odisey” of Arthur Clark, or “Solaris” of Stanislav Lehm, or “las cosmicomicas” of Italo Calvino. Solaris, in a different way from 2001, is like a pesimmistic view of the posibility of the contact and communication with intelligences from other places of the cosmos. If in 2001 this posibility is concreted and the end is magnific, in Solaris the humanity tries again and again to communicate with the oceans of solaris, ¡this oceans is alive!, and in fact it tries to comunicatig with the humans too, but all attempts are absurd…  the scientist begin to be insane.
The Cosmicomicas is a very funny book, the protaginist are entities that exist from the origin of the cosmos and described, with a lot of scientific rigor, these lifes in different moment of development of the cosmos. This way, “Qfwfq” (the protagonist and the narrator), tells about how the life was in times before the big bang, all in one point, or when the hidrogen atoms begin to appear, and play wiht this like a pellets game, or how the effects of gravity comes to changes his lifes. It is really funny.

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

The Big Blue Whale

My favorite animals is the Whale, any and all of this cetaceous, but in special the big blue whale, because it’s the largest animal known to have ever existed on the world.
i really like thier great size, but the beautyfull thing is that the enormous size doesn’t matter  in the immense of oceans. Despite its size, the whale must feel really free, haven’t any limitation of their moves on the immensity of oceans.  It’s curious too that whales eat plankton, they are a very little microorganism, the whale eats a million per each bite, without any violence, it has only to open her mouth and swallow water full of this plankton. We could say that whale is a vegetarian.  
Other thing that makes this animals great, are their songs, the whale really communicates with this sounds. It’s known now that whales have a many social behavior, like organized hunting, accumulating flows of plankton in dense spaces, or playing with other. The dolphins have social behavior too, the brain of marine mammals are very complex, like similar of human brain.
If you listen her songs with eyes closed, you are transport of the deep seabed. In Nort of Chile, near to Pisagua, have rock art with man hunting big whales, in rafts of sea lion leather and with bone harpoons. Must be a great activity for this peoples: the changes. In Patagonia, the selknam shaman past two or three days dancing and sing to catch the whale, he sings and sings, and through this special singing he attracted the whale to the line of coast, making it aground. So after, he lights a fire and call all the communities with smoke signals, and the festin is start.  The whale are very important in the myth along of human history, in many cultures, also too in the many verse of bible. Not for nothing the whales invocated to developed human imaginations, this mammals must have definitely something  special.


viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

My favorite song

I really like music. I listen to very different music styles from very different ages, specially from the 70`s and 80`ages. The music that i like depend of my state of encourage on this day, but exist some song that always love, dont care so much i listen it.

One of this is "with in whit out you", song from the george harrison beatles that appear in the “Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band album”. This song, speak about the people who hide themselve behind the wall of illusion of the EGO, and who won the world and lose their soul. is a very deep lirycs, and was charactized for showing strong indian influence, as in the music (sitar and table instrument) as  in the filosofy of this lirics. In fact, in this time harrison visit india and meet ravi shankar, who was her master for a time.  

This influence was showing in other song of this time like “Love you to” and "The inner ligth", The fist song talk abot that we must love whole we can, before die. And inner ligth lirics was based in a verse of Tao, the wanderfull chinnese book. But also in the rest of life of George like a soloist.

Rio's Cemetery of New Blacks sheds light on horrors of slave trade

Locals called it the "cemetery of the new blacks", but in truth it wasn't much of a cemetery. Devoid of headstones, wreaths or tearful mourners, this squalid harbourside burial ground was the final resting place for thousands of Africans shipped into slavery. The new world greeted them with a lonely death in an unfamiliar land.
For decades the cemetery and those buried there between 1760 and 1830 were forgotten, hidden under layer after layer of urban development. But 15 years after the cementyery`s the fortuitous discover.
Archaeologists believe as many as 20,000 slaves may have been buried at the cemetery, mostly men aged 18-25 who died during the gruelling journey to Brazil or shortly after arriving.
Is stimated at least 3 million slaves shipped from Africa to Brazil between 1550 and 1888, when the practice was officially abolished. This 3 million slaves who made the journey were previously thought to have come only from what is now Nigeria and from the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Cape Verde. But the study of teeth from 30 partial skeletons, using Strontium isotopes analyses, has hinted that slaves arriving in Rio came from a much wider geographical, like atlantic and pacific coast, but too from the interior of africa, no only from coastal areas.

                                                                                        "People weren't buried in tombs, they were tossed away into mass graves, It was ugly: a dump  which bodies were thrown and burned," said the bioarcheologist Sheila Mendonça de Souza.

viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

a country that i want visited

if i could choose, i would visit Austria, i can give many reason, but really: i have wanted to visit Austria for a girl that i knew some time ago in Bolivia, and we stayed together for few weeks in Bolivia and Chile. I really love this girl, i promess to her that i would visit her some day. But i dont know now, because the world gives many rounds...
she told me that we work like a shephers in Alpes, only me and her, and many goat. The work is for a spring season, because in this time grass grownd and goats can feed. oh.. and certainly, the pay is very good.
But its not so magic and easy like it sounds, the work is very hard -she told me-, you must know about animal desases and their behavior. And of course, i must learn German lenguaje too. One time i try to learn, but is not easy. I think that i must learn inglish first.

When i think about this... my heart acelerates, and i dont understand why i am in Chile yet, in a computer room with a lot of heat. The alpes must be really beatifull...

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

My favorite movie

my favourite movie is "2001: space odisey".
it is a 1968 epic science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick. The story is about a series of encounters between humans and mysterious blackmonoliths that are apparently affecting human destiny. The first encounters was when the apes evoluting and converted in human been. Now, in the space era, the blackmonoliths is found in a moon, in the moment that send a powerfull signal to the jupiter. Nobody know what will find, but the long travel to jupiter are started.

The film explores the evolution jump of the history acoording the purpuses of cosmos. The origin of human race is only the fist step, now what be found in jupiter is no less that the door of spacetime and stars, is the born of new gods. In the artur clark books this point is more clear that in the movie, why the last scene in movie is only a lot of sicodelics vortex of ligth.         

viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

summer class

i think that is very bored have class in summer, specially english in the fridays to the 6pm. when everyone is free in the pastures, drink and smoke something...  but is OK, this is mi last semester, i have to do it.
I only lack 3 subject: art archaeology, ethnography and seminar, seminar is like my thesis design. I want to make about territoriality in "Chinchorro", the world`s oldest momies (7000 years before present), though study the kinship relation with ADN, ADNm and skull-metric methods. I thinks than diferent sincronic ways of prepare the death is correlates whith diferent linages. Is very interesting topic for me, so is don`t so terrible have class in summer.
And however, i hope that my friends wait for my whit something for a drink or smoke in a pastures. its necessary for escape to the warm.